The Benefits of an Inverter Generator


The Benefits of an Inverter Generator

What are they?

Inverter generators release AC which then gets converted to DC, then inverted to a cleaner AC. These generators make it possible to have a constant flow of electricity in your appliances in case there’s an outage.

What are the benefits?

They’re Fuel-Efficient

Inverters are fuel-powered generators that have electronic inverter boards. These boards are responsible for producing cleaner electricity and variable speed. The board also enables the generator to adjust the engine speed depending on the power output needed.



Unlike conventional generators that need to reach a certain speed to operate, inverter generators can use less fuel and produce less noise if you’re only using a small appliance like one bulb. Compared to conventional ones, they can conserve up to 40% energy, reducing emissions.

Thanks to this technology, inverters can provide a sine wave equivalent to the electricity delivered by a utility. This means the electric current is consistent and stable, allowing the consumer to power sensitive electronics like laptops, tablets, phones, and televisions with no fluctuation.

They’re Lightweight

Inverter generators are also smaller and lighter than conventional ones, making them easier to transport, bring, and store.

They’re Quiet



Unlike conventional generators that wake your neighbors up through their noise, inverter generators are quiet.

They’re Portable

As mentioned earlier, they are smaller and lighter than conventional generators. You can own a 1,000-watt inverter which weighs only about 30 pounds! In fact, you can bring one for your hikes and camps because one inverter generator can fit in your car with no problem.

What brand or model should I get?



I’m confident that you appreciate the importance of inverter generators. So, if you’ve decided to purchase one, I suggest you check out the top 5 inverter generators on the market. These are, by far, the best, high-quality inverter generators offered today, which won’t make you regret spending your money.

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